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Feeling Overwhelmed?

It's time to take your writing career from chaos to calm. 

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• Don’t have time to figure out ALL the things? I do it all day long, let me be your marketing and social media BFF!

Hey There!


Since 2020, I’ve helped launch several successful authors and have proudly partnered with several indie publishers to create successful social media presence and email marketing campaigns that convert.


After spending year in the publishing world, it seen that regular posting and sending is not all there is to marketing. Effective book selling today must combined with community and connection.

That’s why in 2020, I launched The Literary Assistant — where I offer customized assistance for authors in need of help. Whether it's assistance with a small task, auditing what you are currently doing, or taking tasks over completely. I offer something for everyone.

My goal is to help authors achieve their publishing dreams. Be it indie or traditional publishing, you can make it happen.

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She has increased the engagement, open rate, and ctr of my newsletters, and is always happ
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Through my weekly content, online lessons and insider info, I’m on a mission to help you reach as many reader as possible.

The Literary Assistant believes in creating community, credibility, and conversions by helping your find your readers. If you’re looking to take small actionable steps to the next publishing journey to the next level,
The Literary Assistant Circle can help!

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Let's Do This!

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