Editing Services

This is the first step in the editing process, before looking at grammar or spelling. It's the big picture feedback about structure, point of view, plot, pacing, and character development.

I offer an assessment of the key elements delivered via a revision summary as well as a detailed edit on the manuscript. I will provide specific suggestions to solve identified problems.

This will include a 6-10 page breakdown of possible changes to be made to strengthen the story and resolve plot/character issues. If I find grammar or spelling errors, I will point them out but that is not the purpose of this edit. 

Novella 7,500-40,000 words $499

Novel 40,000-70,000 words  $599

Long Novel 70,000+ words  $699

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Manuscript Critique

For those on a tight budget, consider the manuscript critique to identify the main problems related to structure, point of view, plot, pacing, and character development for a flat fee.

This will include a 3-6 page critique of the overall plot and characters to help develop a cohesive story.

Up to 100,000 words  $499

For short stories or long novels exceeding 100,000 words please email for customized pricing.

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Beta Read

A Beta Read is invaluable in giving you that final overview of how your readers will view your finished book. Let’s be honest, when you send your book out to beta readers, do you actually get back feedback of any value? Having people tell you your book is “perfect” “really good” “or “very enjoyable” while flattering, is not helpful to you as the writer. I provide valuable feedback related to pace, plot, character development, dialogue, and point of view problems. You can expect prompt and organized feedback that will be honest and constructive.

 Having a final beta read allows you to have that final outside look to see if you can push your book to the next level. 

Space is extremely limited. 

All beta reads are $25

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Browse Before You Buy

Sample Edit

Do you ever wish you could see what an editor's work looked like before you signed on the dotted line? When I said I value transparency, I wasn't kidding! Below is a link to Developmental Edit. I am sharing a sample of my work so you can see if we would be a good fit. If you like what you see, click the contact button and let's chat about your book.


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