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Son of an Earl

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Hello Melissa! I am so happy to visit with you and your readers again at Probably at the Library. The second novel in my Defying Propriety Series, Son of an Earl, is now available for pre-order. Here is the cover along with the blurbs for both the series and this book.

We are formed by experiences of our childhood. Family and friends influence our character. Decisions, wise and foolish, direct our path. Through chance encounters and early introductions, our beloved Pride and Prejudice characters come together on a slightly different path which may, to some, defy propriety.

All the books in this series are sweet, clean romances.

Ashton Fitzwilliam, Viscount Grayson and cousin to Fitzwilliam Darcy, has always known what was expected of him. As the eldest son of an earl, he must marry a lady from the first circles of society, preferably one whose father will be a new ally to the current earl. He never anticipated meeting an intriguing American lady with a secret or two she is determined to keep hidden from the disapproving haut ton.

Since I started doing blog tours to announce my new books, one of my favorite blogs is when I get to interview a character from the book. This time around, I thought I would interview Lord Grayson’s sister, but then I realized that for the first time Elizabeth Darcy nee Bennet was not the main character. She immediately demanded I not even consider anyone but her so here we are.

ED: Indeed, I cannot believe you considered anyone but me. After all the times individuals have had their say about my stories, I believe I have earned this one, and perhaps the next as well. In case you forgot, you interviewed Ashton for the last one.

BC: You are correct, of course. When I realized you were available, I changed all my plans. What can you share with the readers about this story?

ED: Well, in some ways, I suppose this is all due to my marriage to Fitzwilliam. Ashton had resigned himself to marrying according to his father’s wishes, but when Uncle Henry and Aunt Esther welcomed me into the family, not to mention his brother being given permission to court––am I allowed to say? Well, we will simply say someone they would not have considered in the past––Ashton began to regret not pursuing an American lady he met years ago.

BC: And you had a hand in bringing them back together, did you not?

ED: I did, but it was all guided by providence. Who would have thought that my new friend was Ashton’s lost love?

LB: Oh no! You must not leave me out. I am certain I had more to do with bringing them together, Lizzy. After all, I was the one who helped Ashton learn more of Miss Carrington when they first met all those years ago.

BC: Lady Bedlington, I had not anticipated your appearance today. Readers, Ashton’s younger sister, Lady Demetria Bedlington nee Fitzwilliam has joined us.

LB: Not anticipated? But was I not your first choice?

ED: Of course, you were, Demi. I have no objections to sharing this time with you. Your friendship with Lady Gertrude was instrumental in allowing Ashton to spend time with Adsi.

LB: You mean Miss Carrington. The readers do not know her as Adsi, Lizzy; you do.

ED: You are correct, of course. Forgive me. Adsila Carrington and I have become so close we agreed to use the nicknames our families use for us. She is such a delight! I cannot imagine anyone more perfect for Ashton.

LB: Oh I completely agree. Mamma worried the ladies of the ton might not accept her, but I think they are foolish if they do not. In truth, Lizzy, I believe she might be a perfect blending of you and your sister Jane.

ED: Hmm, I had not thought of it before, but Adsila is a bit like Jane, isn’t she? Well, the readers will just have to read her story and make up their own minds.

BC: Thank you, Mrs. Darcy, I believe that is the perfect place to end this conversation. I appreciate you and Lady Bedlington taking time to visit with us today.

ED: It was our pleasure.

LD: Undoubtedly.

Well, if nothing else, you can see that Miss Carrington is well loved. I hope you will pick up a copy of Son of an Earl to get to know her and Lord Grayson better.

Now, a GIVEAWAY! Just make a comment on this blog and Melissa will pick 1 lucky winner to receive an ebook copy of Son of an Earl. Good luck! I can’t wait to read your comments.

Bronwen Chisholm has released eight Pride and Prejudice variations since 2014. She takes great pleasure in searching for potential “plot twists” and finding the way back to a happy ending.

Her love of writing has led her to several writing groups, and she is currently serving as the vice president of the Riverside Writers and organizes the Riverside Young Writers.

For more information, visit her at

Thank you Bronwen for stopping by! I am looking forward to reading Son of an Earl.

Happy reading everyone!

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